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Manage your VPOP3 Mail Account

[ Create Accounts || Modify Accounts || Delete Accounts || Mail Forwarding ]
With the VPOP3 Admin Tool, managing your e-mail accounts is a snap. You will need to begin by pointing your Web browser to:
Once you're at the correct page, enter your domain name, your admin mail address ( and your password.  Click on the "Login" button.

Create Accounts
In this section you will learn how to create new e-mail accounts. Note that there will be an existing account named "Admin" which will catch all mail that is not addressed to a specific, defined account name.
Step 1:  Click the link to "create new account".
Step 2: Enter the full name of the person or entity who will be accessing the new account. This is strictly for identifying the account.
Step 3: Enter the name you would like to use as the e-mail address. This will be the login name. Please Note: Do Not add your domain name to the end of the e-mail account.
Correct: john Incorrect:
Step 4: Enter a password for your new account. You will need to enter the password and then re-enter it in the box located directly underneath; this will verify that you entered your information correctly. 

Now just click on the "Save" button and you're ready to add the next e-mail account.

Modify Accounts
This section contains instructions for changing information on an existing account. You can change the Full Name, Account Name, Password, Mail Forwarding or Autoreply.. The procedure is the same for changing any of the above variables.
Step 1: Click one time on the name of the account you would like to modify then click the "edit account" button.
Step 2: Edit the information you would like changed (Full Name, E-mail Account, Forwarding or Password).
Step 3: Click the "Save" button. The new account information is now in place.
Delete Accounts
This section is strictly for Permanently Deleting an existing account. Once an account is deleted, all account info and mail for that acount is permanently erased from the system. Certainly you can re-create an account with the same name but previous data will be lost.
Step 1: Click one time on the account name you would like to delete.
Step 2: Click the button marked "Delete Account". The account is now removed from the system.
Mail Forwarding
This section describes the procedure for forwarding e-mail destined for your account here, to some other address on the Internet. If you happen to be traveling or if you would like all of your mail to end up in your local "dial-up" mailbox, just set this feature.
Step 1: Click one time on the account name you would like to forward.
Step 2:  In the "forwarding address" box, enter the location where you would like to forward mail for a particular user.  
Step 3: CLick on the "Save" button. Mail forwarding is now set.

Set up your email client

If you are not forwarding your email to another location, you'll now need to go and set up your email client so it can receive your mail.
Please click on the email program you use to find instructions.  If your email program is not listed below, please email and let us know what program we use and we'll try to provide you with instructions.

Mozilla Thunderbird  ||  Outlook Express 6  ||  Outlook 2002/2003