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Contract Programming

Since 1994, Vpop Technologies have been writing programs for our clients that have powered some of the most recognizable websites in the world.

The Warner Bros. Web Card - Written in early 1995, VPOP wrote one of the first Web cards on the Internet on behalf of Warner Bros. The program is still in use today on the Warner site.

The Warner Bros. Online Studio Store - Once again Team VPOP was called upon to write one of the first Web-based shopping cart systems on behalf of Warner Bros. While commercial packages were available, Warner chose to use the expertise of the team at VPOP in order to meet all of their needs.

OpenSRS - VPOP helped revolutionize the domain registration industry in creating both the server and client applications associated with OpenSRS. Domain registration in the ".com, .net and .org" can now be managed completely by domain name owners through Value Added Resellers. Also, due to the streamlined process, the cost for domain registrations began to lower across the entire industry. Thanks to TUCOWS, Inc. for giving us the opportunity to participate in a program which has come together to save consumers millions of dollars every year! And congratulations to the new team of developers who rolled out version 2 of the system, allowing for registrations in ccTLDs as well. - This project was developed in-house to meet the needs of our staff to stay current. NewsHub began in 1996 and had a core mission of visiting Web sites with headline news content, automatically downloading the pages and displaying all of the headlines from all of the sources in an easy to view manner. It has since evolved to what you see today at:

... and there are so many more which we are not at liberty to discuss. But who knows, you just might visit a site or two that that is riding on technology developed by the team at VPOP.

- Team VPOP