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Create A Form
Use this area to create a sample form. Once you have completed the form below, hit "Create Now" and a basic form will be generated with the proper field names. Simply save the new form page as a file on your local hard drive and add it to your site. You can add and modify form fields as well. This is just designed to get you started.
Your E-mail Address:
Enter the e-mail address where you want the results of your form to be mailed to once your user hits your submit button.
Enter the text you would like to appear as the "subject" in the e-mail you receive upon the submission of your form. For intsance, you might enter: Feedback Request.
Enter Redirect Location:
Enter the full address where you want your visitors to be sent after submitting your form. You may just want folks to be brought to your homepage after submitting the form. In this case you would enter: Or perhaps you have added a thankyou page, then you would enter: